Do u stalk your exes?


Ok ladies can you guys keep it 100? Do you guys still stalk your ex on social media? I know I can’t be the only crazy person lol. You spent years with this person and you’re just suppose to act like they never existed? And never get curious to see what they’re up to? I’m happily in a relationship but can’t stop searching up my ex on Instagram to see what him and his new gf are up to. Whenever been broken up for 2 years. Is this crazy or relatable? I’ve gotten rid of all photos, gifts, etc. but every couple months a photo booth photo of us pops up, or a Polaroid, yesterday I found photos of him and I at my sis sweet 16...MANY photos, with him and I and group photos with my family (we hired a photographer). So it’s hard to not see what he’s up to when it’s just a click away.