Someone cheer me up... 😒

Samantha 🎣 • Mom of one bonus daughter👧 and 5 little boys 👶💙! 1 ceserian due to breech🔪. 4 VBACs💪 Married to my best friend.

Im so extremely discouraged!! I went to the doctor today, only have 12 days til my due date, and No signs of baby coming in the next couple days. 0% effaced and im not dialated at all. She said shes confident that he wont be making an arrival within a few days. I know I have a week and a half left but I was hoping to be making progress so that I wont have to be induced this time like every other time 😭

Anyone have any tips on how to ripen my cervix? Ive doing yoga ball, bromelain, and EPO....