Depo shot

So I’ve been on birth control (depo) OFF N ON, since I was about 13. I’m going to be 17 in 2 short months! I was supposed to go in for my next shot July 4th, although I decided for my own health.. it was time to get off. I did some major reading into birth control as this time around, I started hurting bad and noticed some things were not normal. Since being off the shot, I have bled some for about 8 days (pretty light) I also had some brown chunky (blood clot like) discharge. I’m tired a lot, but I think that’s just me bc I’m always tired.

Now this is what’s getting to me. I LOVE my hair. My hair is the base of the look. My hair goes down to about 1.5 inches above my butt crack. I have noticed that since being off the depo shot, I have been losing hair. Not just losing hair, but LOSING HAIR. In the shower I’ve always had my head hair fall out. Well yesterday I really paid attention. I saw that I pulled out a whole wad of hair. Literally it was a good 60 strands or so. I use the whole blends shampoo and conditioner. I got out of the shower and dried my hair and put Cantu leave in conditioner in. As the first 2 pictures show, this is after only drying it w a towel and putting leave in conditioner in it. The I picked out my hair w a wide toothed pick, and more came out. A lot. I pulled it off to show you guys what it looked like in the pick. I have always struggled w dry scalp because I used to use so many products in my hair and use heat resources every day. I usually wash my hair every other day. (I have decided I’m going to cut that down.) but I put oil in my hair before I showered then went among my normal routine, which helped. Then as I started losing hair, my dry scalp has come back.

SO, I want your opinion on what to do here! I have a lot of hair and this isn’t normal for me at all. I believe 99.9% I’m losing hair because of the depo shot after math.