Being a mom is HARD!

In general, being a mom is hard. But I am now a SAHM and holy cow 😵. Just a recap. Yesterday all is well, at Hobby Lobby (yay!) got my son out of the carseat. While holding him I opened the passenger door and tried to grab my purse the door slammed on my arm. It hurt so gosh dang bad I was dizzy and nauseous for 20 minutes after. Continued the day without full function of my arm. Later that night my son smacked his face standing up to me in the tub and busted his lip. I cried for 2 hours after he went to bed. Today was full of anxiety making sure he didn't fall. He did and knocked his head on the high chair leg (still a wobbly walker ya'll). It's been raining (awesome!) but that means everytime the dogs want in and out I have to wipe paws, sweep the floor, keep the toddler from escaping. Did I mention I have horrid period cramps right now? Time for dinner. No vegetables in the house but the boy te all his pasta, meatballs and tomatoes (thank goodness). Pasta sauce means going back to the tub which I would rather ward off forever. No injuries. Bedtime. Everything went well. Until the dog jumped two baby gates to get upstairs and scratch at the door the second I'm laying my son down because she's afraid of thunder. Get the toddler down anyway, direct the dog downstairs which causes me to slip down 5 stairs into the darn metal baby gate. Come downstairs to find two rugs peed on because of scared dog. Literally 5 minutes after I clean the floors and start the washer my husband walks in. 🙄 Oh ya, dinner's cold, sorry.

How was y'alls day?