Take a Guess. Today I’m finding out the gender of my 2nd baby!

Tianna • Mother to Caiden & Nalah

So here is a little background about my current and 1st pregnancy. Take a guess for fun. I’ll update the results after my anatomy scan! I don’t care if the baby is a boy or a girl, I’m just trying to kill time before my appointment! I just want a healthy baby to arrive. God sent me a blessing and I will accept my child as they are! 🌈🦋💙💚💜💗👶🏽💋

So during the pregnancy I was extremely nauseous .

I get serious migraines.

Very hungry all the time. Fruits and Salads mainly.

Baby’s heart beat is over 140BPm

My belly popped faster.

Very gassy lmao .

Breaking out with pimples.

Slow weight gain-20 weeks (only 9lbs so far)

Extremely moody/bitchy

Boobs are bigger but are not sore

Baby is Due 12/09/2018

With my 1st a Boy.

Smooth sailing, no nausea.

Craving sweets mainly. Chocolate Chip 🍪

Baby heart beat was below 140BPm

Clear skin.

Hair was getting Long and full.


Fast weight gain(only 20 lbs whole pregnancy)

Normal self pretty much during the pregnancy.

Very Sore boobs, grew pretty fast. Sensitive to touch and the cold.

I had a dream I was having a baby boy.

Born: 12/19/2016

Chinese Calendar predicted a Boy and they were right

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