14 year old sister thinking about having sex.. what do I do

Hi guys so I’m in the middle of something that I don’t want to be and need your advice. So recently my sister in law let’s call her A got into a relationship with a boy let’s call him M and A is 14 and M is almost 16 almost 17 and so I’ve tried to be here for her threw it all. And about a month after she started dated M. A changed. She started lieing about everything. She steals. And she’s very moody. But very happy around him. Well we went camping last weekend and her friend had asked me to go grab her shorts outta her bag because she was dripping wet and not allowed in the trailer so I went and I ended up looking in the blue bag (it was A’s and I didn’t know) that I thought was hers and I found a pack of cigarettes. So I took them and put them in my car (turns out they are her dads) and went on my day well a couple days later I went on musically and found her and her bf making videos talking about them having sex I was a little shocked and after I was told by her friend he’s been planning on having sex with A soon and his friends are buying him condoms. (They have been dating for 3 months) fast forward to today and my dog chased a cat into A’s room and I went to go get him and he knocked a bunch of stuff over off the shelf so I was picking it up and I came across a green box and it had someone else’s birth control in it unopened. Well I guess my question is should I go to my husbands mom and talk to her about it or should I go to A and try to talk to her. Also M is very controlling of A she isn’t allowed any guy friends and if he doesn’t like something he will get mad at her or delete it if it’s on social media but he is allowed to talk to any girl he wants and can post whatever he wants. Thank you in advance! I’m sorry this is long!

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