So, obviously I cannot be 100% certain how I got pregnant so quickly but if anything I say can help anyone I want to say the steps I took. I got pregnant the first month trying and had my BFP before my period was even due! I believe about over a week before! These are the steps I followed -

1. Folic acid seven seas pre pregnancy vitamins (I started these about 3-4 months before TTC) (I had also came off my contraceptive pill about 3-4 months before that to give my body a detox and used condoms meantime)

2. I ate healthy. I was pretty much living on salads and healthy foods however if I did want the odd bar of chocolate I would have that. To be honest I was actually craving healthy food rather than carbs for once so I was just going with that ( you never know how long it will take after all if you want the odd carb and treat have it! )

3. Pay attention to your body - when CM is slippery BD then and the day after. Even if it doesn’t co inside with what the app says.

4. I aimed to BDd every second day the week before the fertile week glow predicted and every second day the week of. Do not put yourself under too much pressure to do it every day if your not in the mood. However if you are why the hell not.

5. Pre seed!! This was a god send and although I can’t tell for sure I feel pretty certain this had a big role to play in conceiving so quickly. It feels a lot more natural than other kinds and not as sticky! I also arched my back after BDing just propped a couple of pillows under my bottom for about 15 mins or so afterwards however I am not convinced this made a difference but worth a try!

6. RELAX. I know it’s hard but try and occupy your mind with other things, I did have the odd cocktail on a night out when TTC because as mentioned before you cannot let TTC take over your life you do not know how long it will take and IMO you can drink until you see pink! Really - it can take the edge off when you feel you cannot think of anything other than babies and whether youre ovulating or not 😂

And I think that is pretty much the steps we took! Nothing too crazy there! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!