Maddison • Momma to be •January 24, 2020• 💙💙

I just thought I'd share a little laughter in all of these bfn's I've been receiving. My boyfriend has been so supportive through all of this, waiting for tests to come back with me while I line them all up in a row, making trips to the store with me to get tests, sitting with me while i look goofy putting my legs up in the air, saying "we got this next time babe", kissing me goodnight and telling me he loves me and then looking down at my belly, kissing it also and saying "just in case you're down there", talking about possible baby names and all of the memories we want with our babies in the future, he is a blessing. I'm so thankful for him being there for me through all of this. These funny/sentimental memories are the ones we'll look back and smile about once we get our BFP!!!! Send baby dust my way please 💕