bi- curious 🤔

alright sooo idk wtf my sexuality is. it’s all so very confusing since i’m only 14 (15 in two months) and don’t really have any experience with boys or girls. i’ve kissed three boys before, all on dares though. i know that i like boys, but idk about girls? like i wanna experiment but again, i’m only 14 and idk any girls who are lesbian/bi that i’d be willing to experiment with. some days i’ll think about being with a girl and i’ll think ‘no i’d never wanna be with a girl, i dont find girls attractive in that way’ and then the next day ill think of it and be like ‘i wanna be with a girl’ like idk man wtf am i supposed to do. i hate being stuck between straight and bi, i just wanna know who i am! i’ve been questioning it for like 2 years now, like i can’t figure myself out.