Asking moms for help

Honey🌚 • 29. Pcos. Married. 👶🏻💙2/22/2020

My nephew develops rashes all over his body and he itches like crazy and makes himself bleed if he doesn’t have mittens on. My sister has tried everything. Taken him to his pediatrician over and over and no answers. She is gonna have them send him to a dermatologist next. The doctor did tell him it’s eczema. Poor baby is so frustrated and always crying and itching. They did some allergy test and said he was allergic to dairy. so my sister stopped drinking cows milk since she breast feeds him. She is trying so many things and nothing seems to be helping him.

She even washed his clothes separately in a baby detergent. I told her her to try another one my sister in law uses for her son who has severe allergies and eczema. So she is gonna try that.

Have your babies ever had this ? What helped them? Any advice will be appreciated pls

We don’t have pets indoor so it cant be related to that.

She bathes him in fragrance free stuff. She tried a few. Currently she uses burtsbee brand.

Thank you