Kinda Annoyed With My BF🙄

So I get induced on Wednesday and I told my boyfriend over and over again to not forget to request Wednesday off from work ! So I ask him today do he have Wednesday off and he says no ! So I call his job and ask for his schedule cause I just don’t believe his ass! And they tell me he works , even though he works 7 till noon ! It’s not really a big deal but I feel like it is. I think I have all these emotions right now I feel like he’s not being there for me !!!! Even though the baby could take all day to come but still it’s just that like wth !! Come with me comfort me in my time of pain lol !!! But if the baby decides to come fast as hell I’m gonna be furious but I shouldn’t be cause he can leave work at anytime!!!! But still y’all get where I’m coming from right ??? I’m not being over dramatic right ?????