Was I sexually harassed?

I’m 16, when I was 15 I was raped on July 30 of last year, this February, 5 months ago I was talking to a guy (we weren’t dating) he took me back to his house and it was only like the 3rd time we hung out and nobody else was home I thought we were about to watch a movie because he had work soon and during the movie we were kissing but that was it, he laid me down on the couch and got on top of me and I told him I didn’t want to do anything and he said “that’s ok” and he started kissing my neck and then he went down to my stomach and I didn’t want him to kiss my stomach or anything and I told him to stop again but he proceeded to say “do you want me to lick your pussy” and I was like no can we stop and he kept sticking his hand down my shirt and playing around and i finally got tired of it and told him to get off of me and then I pushed him off (I’m 5ft and very petite and he’s 6ft and plays football) I texted my best friend and she basically told me i can’t keep pushing people away because I was raped but I don’t feel comfortable with anyone touching me on my stomach or anything and he knew it, it felt the situation was never going end