2 month old / vasectomy/ pregnancy!?


So I got pregnant using this app last year, I did every trick in the book and got pregnant the first month trying (I feel blessed)

Had our baby this June 2018

Husband has vasectomy last week of June

I'm exclusively breast feeding

Baby sleeps all night almost since he was a week old (daughter had colic, so I have to pinch my self sometimes he's such a easy sweet baby)

Got what felt like a first period, light flow and about 5ish days long spotting for 2 days after the first week this month of august

Started having sex just a couple of times the last few weeks

Been spotting the last 2 days....

MY HUSBAND didn't read the pamphlet he got after his procedure, and apperently there's still a lot of active swimmers, for along time after having a vasectomy, I would actually be thrilled to have another even though it's so soon after having a baby. It would feel like a miracle.

My husband, doesn't "slap the ham", I know I know, many will say he is lol. But he simply holds out, he thinks it's wrong to. If he did the last while since I gave brig it would have been minimal..... which brings me to being worried!!!