I just got my BFP 🎉 after 4 years of trying and PCOS


Hey ladies, just wanted to encourage those still waiting for their BFP... I remember reading these posts and feeling so happy yet so deflated every time someone shared their BFP....but after 4 years it’s finally my turn 😊. I have PCOS and my periods have been so irregular; I had a period in December 2017 and literally nothing until I got my period in July 2018....as this is normal I just thought ‘oh ok my body is deciding to work this month’ and shrugged it off not expecting another period until God knows when 🤷🏽‍♀️.

So last week when I noticed my boobs were hurting I thought ‘yay maybe I’m gonna have another period soon’, but I realised the breast pain started to intensify. Anyway out of curiosity I decided to test but it was more of the case of ‘I know I’m wasting my time🙄’ sort of testing...and well what do you know! I have my BFP just like that naturally without even trying 🤗. Funny thing is I’m also booked in to see a Gynaecologist in October as my doctor finally decided enough was enough....guess I won’t be needing that appointment eh!

All I can say is don’t give up ladies, it will happen. For 2 years I was with a guy that I think deep down I knew wasn’t for me but was trying anyway...I was doing vitamins, changed my diet, charting etc...but I believe God knew that I deserved better and that’s why I never conceived, but at the time dealing with PCOS and BFN was so heartbreaking. I spilt with my ex in 2016 and have been with my new partner for a year and a half and I couldn’t ask for a better man🤗! So please don’t give up, self reflect on your own life, make changes if you know you need to and just be positive! I didn’t ever think I’d be saying this...but it just goes to show..it happened for me so it WILL happen for YOU ❤️