Surprise! Found out I was pregnant before leaving for migrate work


There was literally one night after me and my partner had sex that I felt I might have just been impregnated but I was taking my little pill everyday so like how? Fast forward to Aug 9 we’re going to pick up new prescription of birth control, a day before we leave to do migrate Work for the first time ever, BAM I came out positive at the clinic. I was 5 weeks and had NO CLUE. I cried freaked out but came out over joyed and not hopeless but more loved and excited to see what the future is going to hold for me and my partner.

Today I’m already 2 months pregnant and having the thought grow in the back of my mind, “ how am I going to survive labor, the pain, the amount of time I’m going to need to control myself until my little baby is ready to come out.

First kid ever. First pregnancy ever. I’m looking what to read, I download like 4 different apps but I’m scared even though this has been done throughout history I can’t help but wonder if my anxiety will overpower my will to just focus and have my kid.