He changed ❤️ I’m so proud

Kasey • Cat-loving communist mom of 1 👪 (+1 July 2019) Current student, future teacher

I am so proud of this man!! We had only been together 2 months when I got pregnant, and he had the worst mental health issues. He has depression, AD/HD, and bipolar disorder.

During my pregnancy, he would get so angry he would throw things and scream and become verbally abusive. Then he would cry and threaten to kill himself. It was horrible. We loved each other so much but he couldn’t control himself.

When I had our baby, he was barely in the hospital with me. He became so self-absorbed and couldn’t think or talk about anyone other then himself. I honestly thought he had Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

It was terrible. I loved him but I was sick of him calling me names and not being appreciative and being selfish. I was basically a single mom.

He was hospitalized 3 times in the year and a half we’ve known each other. But nothing helped until the last time in May, when he was put on bipolar meds.

His attitude has done a complete 180. I no longer fear making him mad. He doesn’t call me names. I know he’ll always have issues but he’s finally treating me so good and I’m so glad I finally have my best friend and soulmate back ❤️ He’s an amazing dad and fiancé.

I can only guess that having a baby was overwhelming to him and triggered his bipolar disorder, but now that he’s on meds I don’t have to be scared or stressed. He cares about my feelings and takes care of our son and never makes me feel alone.

I’m just so incredibly proud of him!! It was hard getting him the help he needed but I’m so glad we did. Our son loves him. My family loves him. His family loves me. We’re all so proud of him. He’s even going to work 60+ hours a week so I can stay home with the baby and go to school full-time, which never would’ve happened before.

Oh, and because I know there’s probably people who will say “I would’ve left him for calling me names” I almost did. We almost didn’t last. But I also come from a family with mental health issues, and I have them too, so I knew as long as he was willing to try we COULD work through it. We did, and now everything is amazing.