Moms with PPA and/or PPD (especially D-MER)


What are your top tips for breastfeeding with a postpartum mood disorder?

My story:

I had awful PPA and D-MER with my son. Didn’t get the help I needed. He lost weight and I could only get him up 3 oz. I know we could have gotten through it IF I’d been properly supported by my midwife. At the time I couldn’t problem solve or think properly and pretty much felt like I was in a never-ending nightmare (a fog so to speak) so I was looking for real solutions and I wasn’t given any. I was just told to stop crying and pump more but obviously that didn’t work (and the fenugreek my midwife gave me actually decreased my supply).

Even after attempting to pump (still experienced D-MER) and trying to re-latch him multiple times to see if my anxiety stayed at bay (it didn’t) I quit breastfeeding and my anxiety went away but the guilt moved quickly into depression that lasted a year.

I’m intervening midwives at hospitals (I was at a birthing center last time) and making sure my postpartum needs are met.

SO mamas who at least somewhat understand what I went through, what you are top tips for successfully breastfeeding and simultaneously combatting postpartum mental illness? I lost a month of happiness after my son was born and I can’t let that happen again.

I appreciate any and all help!