Would you be annoyed

We sent baby shower invites via a fb page and everyone basically ignored them. The ones that did mark “going” didn’t even bother reading it. I found out yesterday they think it’s at my house when the invite has the address of the place we’re renting. Well my cousin just called to tell me she can’t make it because she wants to hang out with friends and I won’t let her bring them so I said ok. Then she asked me to send her another invite to the page since she missed the first one. I sent it and then she marked “can’t go” I just feel like she’s trying to rub it in now. I said she can’t bring her friends because I don’t know them and it would feel weird

Edit: we would’ve had the same issues if we mailed them or told them the info. My family just always has excuses. I can see that they opened the page and looked at it but they didn’t bother reading the actual info