I am almost 90% sure I ovulated this past Saturday due to watery discharge. I was sure to have sex every other day that week including Saturday. I have no patience so I’ve been taking pregnancy tests almost every day and they were all negative. I know it’s far too early but I was hoping for a very faint pink line at least but I see absolutely nothing. My period is 9 days away and I’ve promised myself I’ll wait until next week to take another test but in the meantime I’ve been filling my head with “possible” pregnancy signs. My lower back has been hurting (but I also have horrible posture) I’ve been so tired (but when am I not) I’ve had days where my stomach randomly hurts but I can’t seem to go to the bathroom (but my stomach has always had a mind of it’s own) I’ve had some mood swings (but I’m always crazy) I’ve had some very faint and light cramping (but that isn’t anything new) and I’ve had some creamy white looking discharge yesterday and today which I read might happen after you’ve conceived. Am I driving myself crazy? Does anyone have any advice they want to share with me? My period is supposed to come next Saturday when should I test?