TTC ...

SC💖 TTC🤰🏼 #1

According to glow I ovulate in 7 days 👏🏽

I am trying the mucus cough medicine which has “guaifenesin” in it.

Guaifenesin helps your cm get to EWCM so I am very interested in giving it a go... what can go wrong?

Would anybody like to follow my journey? I will post updates.

If you have any tips or tricks or even your journey with pregnancy through guaifenesin would you please share?

I’ve been TTC for nearly 1 year, I don’t use OPKs or BBT as I find it all to complicated 😂 I’m hoping for my BFP this month 🤞🏽... baby dust to me & everybody else TTC

Update 1 : 5 days later and I have EWCM ... And I’m 2 days away from my ovulation day according to glow. Fingers crossed this is going to work 🤞🏽