Mrs Stretchmark ... I hate you

Melodie • Baby #1 is 18 months... TTC#1= PREG at my second round of clomid. Now PREG with baby #2. First month we tried, no medication. Due date= nov.2018 ❤️ PCOS+MTHFR+FVLeiden homozygous. 11 years with my husband. 28M-28F

I didnt have any stretchmark with my first, NOT AT ALL. NoNe. NADA... I came to my prepartum weight in 6 -8 weeks afrer....

Baby 1 is now 22 months and Im 30 weeks pregnant with baby 2 . I have many stretchmarks on my belly. What the f****? I didnt gain more weight and use cream 3 times a day...

Am I the only one in the world that has stretchmarks with her second without gaining more weight ! ?

I dont understand why ☹️ I drink water ++