Beware of attack dog


So as I was walking this big doofus here today

She sees this guy walking towards us and she’s ya know all mouth open with her tongue flopped out, ears up pulling me towards him because of the possibility that this dude might pet her. I noticed that he was getting really tense and he started moving WAY out of the way to avoid her, so I pulled her in a bit and apologized. He goes “it’s nothing against you, she just looks vicious”.

I looked down at her, she’s sitting at my feet wiggling her ass, still with her tongue flopped out of her mouth, then I look back up at this guy with I’m sure was a very confused look on my face. “Vicious?” I said. He nodded his head and replied with “Yeah honestly I was afraid that she was going to bite me as I walked by.”

Yeah, I’m sure she was just ready to attack 😂

I had to tell him that she’s the kind of dog where if somebody broke into our house, she would probably help the burglar. Like I’m sure this dog would hold the door open if someone was trying to steal our TV.

Her goofy face and wiggly ass didn’t convince him that she wasn’t mean, but somehow my comment did. After that, he bent down and started petting her for, I shit you not, the next 15 minuets. Repeatedly saying that he was stupid for thinking that Sadie was mean. I even asked if he had a bad experience with a dog and he said no, it was just her “flesh ripping teeth” that scared him. Like, the teeth she uses to get the stuffing out of stuffed animals because they’re more fun when mom has to clean up a bunch of white fluff? Lol ok man