Hey all-

So I’m 9/10 dpo and I’m getting bfn. Granted AF hasn’t showed but I just already know I’m out. This is our 8th month ttc. I’m so frustrated.

I’ve been SO emotional the last 2 weeks, uncontrollable crying or lashing out over stupid things. I cant help but be negative. We’re doing everything right. With my son, I got pregnant at probably the worst time ever with an ex who was an awful person who is now uninvolved in our sons life. I’m blessed to have had that happen because my son is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, however now that I’m actually trying and really want it, it just seems impossible.

Like a crazy person, I’ve been watching videos all week of woman finally getting their bfp - of course crying every time. I don’t understand it, I know it’s all in God’s timing but jeez...

Anyone else? Baby dust ✨✨✨