Cute Neighbor Boy


OKAY so i moved into my new apartment complex at my college town and my neighbor is so heckin cute i literally can’t get over it. Thw standing concern, we don’t know if he’s str8 or not. I think the thing that throws me off the most is that he’s SO nice! he hugs me when we run into eachother and he always says “hey Katie” and he’s got brown curly hair and he’s tall, ear pierced, engineering major and just straight delicious. I was headed to the club w some girlfriends and one (hella drunk) knocked on his door, roomate answered and she talked and we left. Later that night i left a sticky note on their door basically appologizing for my friend bothering them and the next afternoon HE CAME TO MY APARTMENT TO CHAT BUT my entire family was there for the football game so he met all of them and said he wanted to talk more but haven’t really heard from him since. i run into him but they’re short conversations bc were going opposite ways. I’m having taco tuesday at my apt this upcoming week w some friends and they told me to invite him and his roomie so well see how that goes but he could be str8 and not even into me but it’s hella cute and i guess i’m just vulnerable bc last relationship was abusive asf anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk