Feeling down


Hi ladies -

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of TTC! Ironically AF is also due tomorrow. A small part of me remains hopeful it won’t come but if the past year has taught me anything...it will be here like clock work (despite all my efforts!)

So many others - friends, family, acquaintances - have announced their own pregnancies in the past few months. I cannot help but be jealous. Will my time come? Do good things really come to those who wait?

I am trying to keep some perspective. I am one of the lucky ones...I have a perfect 4 y/o son. But I conceived him quite easily and did not appreciate it at the time. Now I wait and wait for it to happen again. If it doesn’t happen i know I will be ok. I will have my perfect little family. But it will be a hard pill to swallow.

Trying to remain upbeat...