In this tww 😩😩


6 days from period, I’ve been having back aches along with stuffy nose and persistent headaches that go threw the whole day with some waves of nausea here and there, heavier sore boobs & nipples, sweating alot and sleeping a ton like I won’t wake up until around 1 also with some pulling in my stomach and little to no stomach cramps also in this one month I have 2 dreams of being pregnant, never had this before I had one where I had a baby girl and then I had another just last night that I was a week until period and I went to the doctor and they gave me a pee test that was also a week before my period and it was positive !! I’m losing my mind in this tww but also dreading the thought of a period starting ... period due on 24th who’s with me ??

UPDATE: took this test today at 6 days before period and off camera I see a vvvvvfl with blue tint if I look but I think it some how showed up on camera ...