Could I ask someone in the ER?

Natasha • I just want my rainbow baby 🤕🌈 08-28-15 👼🏻 Already 2 years ttc for you.☹️

So I’m at the ER with my SO due to his asthma . He’s okay he’s strong 💪 . But I’ve haven’t been having the best 3 months cycle wise . Periods lasting more than 10 days , weakness , fatigue , on and off pain on one side of my abdomen. I’m On day 28th of this cycle . Last cycle was 53 days 😪 I have not been able to see an obgyn since I have my period for so long and they can’t examine me supposedly. My period now has started to get heavier which scares me cause of my anemia. I’m just debating if I should ask a doctor here while I’m here.