Sorry if this is in the wrong place! 14 year old baby sitting for a couple of hours in the daytime.

So I have a 14 year old, 10 year old, 2 year old and a 1 year old (busy mummy!). I am currently 8 months pregnant and 14 year old watches my 2 year old at home when I visit the midwife for my check up (a 10 min walk away). She is a responsible girl and I have taken the necessary precautions; contactable on mobile, safe environment (we have a playroom they spend that time in) and have had no incident at all.

She also will watch him if I have to pop to get milk/bread from the shop over the road, but I don’t ask her to do this for socialising etc - only little errands that are quick.

I don’t speak the language of the European country we are in very well at all (moved recently) so my husband has to be present to interpret.

An anonymous neighbour realised yesterday that we had left without the toddler and called the police. She reported we were gone for “hours” - completely untrue! We were away for a maximum of an hour. There was no drama or issue that would have caused concern during this time.

The police were pleasant and didn’t see the issue, but it’s unsettled me. I am unhappy that a stranger (no idea who) has passed judgement on what I would have seen as a sound parenting decision I made that almost enforces their beliefs on our family (she could call every single time we ever leave the house if she pleases!).

Any opinions? Am I wrong? What would you do?

Edit; I forgot to add that in Europe there is not a specific age in law (including where I am). It’s meant to be based on the maturity of the child.