i noticed pinkish/orangeish discharge today and i looked it up on google and and implantation is a possible symptom so now i’m scared. i had sex 6 weeks ago (39 daya if we want to be specific) w my boyfriend, i told him not to cum in me but i think he did a little, but i am on the pill and have barely missed in the almost 8 months of me taking it. i’ve gotten both periods since then, but i did start a new birth control last month and in my country the bc is w no placebo pills so u take it for 3/4 weeks in the month and i just started my 2nd month yesterday, but i accidentally waited 8 days instead of 7. i have no other symptoms of implantation, but i just need someone to tell me that i’m ok 😅😅😅 i know this might sound stupid but i’m a hypochondriac