Dreading night time


I had started sleep training my 13 month old 3 months ago. We share a bedroom so my husband and I slept in the living room for what felt like weeks! He was finally sleeping from 7pm-4 and nursing and falling back asleep, but this past week he has been waking up at 1AM and staying awake for 2ish hours. I’m dying! Anyone have any advice? It might be his canines coming in. I just feel like a grumpy zombie all and and all night.

Update 3 days later: moved him to only 1 nap a day and the first night he was up every 2 hours, but night 2, he slept from 6:30pm to 5:45am!!! I’m so happy!!!! I hope that it wasn’t just a fluke! He has only slept that long one other time in his life!