Early Period - New Ovulation Date?

Nicole • 10.03.15👰🏻💍 - 06.06.17 👦🏻💙 - 07.03.19 👶🏻💜

So I’m 8 days late for my period (I’m VERY regular and never late) all tests are negative. I did have heavy spotting 7DPO for 3 days that now I’m thinking might have been an early period? If that’s true that means my period came 7 days early. If this is true would my ovulate date change as well? My doctor won’t give me a blood test to see if I’m pregnant so kinda thinking I’m not and instead my period changed and I’m ovulating again this week (that’s why I’m cramping). I’m so confused and figure BD can’t hurt either way lol. Thoughts?