Pregnant? Miscarriage? 🤔


Alrighty y'all,

I've had a Paraguard IUD for about 2 years now. I'm due to get my period on the 26th of this month (~1 week). In the 17 years since getting my first period, I've never bled between cycles.

Earlier tonight I wasn't feeling well (I currently have a sinus infection, but suddenly felt super ill) and decided to go shower, before which I peed. When I wiped, I found this.

The first photo was lightened to better show the detail, but this is what it actually looked like...

There was also another little piece of tissue in the toilet, which was read but also a sort of transparent flesh color (the rounded top/left part of the clot in the picture was also this color, but didn't pick up in the photo).

Ive felt off for the last few weeks- exhausted, emotional, eating non-stop, and even got a clogged Montgomery gland. On top of it I can normally tell when I'm ovulating and had none of my usual symptoms. I took 2 tests about a week/week and a half ago, but both were negative.

Wondering if you guys think I was pregnant and possibly miscarried, or if I'm pregnant currently and that that was just spotting? I know the odds are slim due to the IUD, but I've just been feeling off.