New doctor, new thoughts

Teresa • 5/5/12 precious twins born 4mths early 👫12/21/17 gave birth to a 14wk old angel 👼 Due 7/6/19🌈

Today I went for my annual exam with a new doctor. I decided to leave my old doctor because she wasn't as committed to my ttc as I felt she should've been. Her attitude became what appeared to be nonchalant to my concerns and opinions. Her answer to everything was lose weight and while I understand the importance of being healthy I feel as though there were other explanations to my issues. I expressed to her that I wasn't so sure about my pcos diagnosis that was given by another doctor 10+ yrs ago. She ordered an u/s of my ovaries and continued with pcos diagnosis. Well today the new doctor explained that an u/s is not definitive in diagnosing pcos and that with my lack of symptoms he does not want to continue with the diagnosis. I look forward to what happens next now that I have a new opinion and doctor that is more in tune with what i want.