Our little girl arrived and is in the NICU! Can't wait to actually hold her 💖

Becky • Mum of 2 👯‍♀️.

I had a very normal pregnancy: I was keeping fit, my blood tests were fantastic and I've always had good blood pressure.

2 weeks ago I started not feeling great. She was 34 weeks and I could barely walk with SPD pain and I had a lot of discharge. She was also not growing very well, she was about 2 weeks behind and the doctor decided to do a planned c section at 37 weeks to get her out.

At 35 weeks my blood tests showed abnormal liver function, high blood pressure and her placenta wasn't doing very well. She was measuring a week behind and was 2.5 kg.

On Sunday she was 36+1 and I was feeling dizzy, heart palpatations, swelling, pain in my liver and shortness of breath. Went to the emergency room at 3 am and they held me for monitoring. The next day they said it was mild preclampsia but likely to get worse so they did the c section.

Clara Anne was born on the 17th September at 10.05 am with 2.58 kg and she was 42 cm. The doctors were shocked, there was only a teaspoon of amniotic fluid left!

She is right now on oxygen but she is stable and feeding well. I hope it'll be a few days in the NICU and then we get to take her home! I haven't even held her yet and it's breaking my heart. Wish me luck ladies 💖

As for anyone worrying about a c section: DON'T! It was completely seemless and

I'm in day 3 of recovery and already walking around and feeling better.