Loud neighbor: Update (at end, sorry)


First and foremost- long post rant. My deepest apologies.

Ok... so tell me all of your opinions please. My neighbor (female) is quite the noisy gal and whatnot and I’ve asked/told her to keep it down on multiple occasions. I have reported her for this reason to the land lord of the property and she had been sent a notice; much to my happiness, she hasn’t made any racket for a little bit. Story time to make it a bit clearer? Ok

First day I moved in- Labor Day weekend. I know, bad idea but it honestly didn’t even cross my mind. She had people over till 3am. Bad mistake #1. I understood it was a holiday weekend once I realized and let it slip by just a little bit, but not much. Little while goes by and she had a continuous routine of leaving them coming back really late and making noise. I get it, people work and have classes. Understandable. However, if you k ow you’re coming home late, don’t do you day time chores at a late hour please. Also bear in mind the apartment has thin walls... really thin. I can hear her phone conversations word for word (this detail comes to ply again here shortly).

Come around to a bit later this month. She has one of her multitude of boy toys over, no biggy. Until the fact that A: it’s late... again. B: both are being loud and he has a terrible mouth on him and no respect for her as a female. C: they went full petty mode. I’ll explain: the “normal” rowdiness began and they were getting louder as time went by. Being as late as it was, I’m too tired to get out of my bed and tell her to hush. My method? Yell through the wall that I can hear them, it’s 1206 AM and I don’t want to hear it. They, in response, have really loud sex.... on purpose after cussing me out. I definitely wasn’t going to listen to that nonsense and promptly got up, starting my recording and banged on her door until she came to answer and boy was she nasty about it. Attitude and all. I told her people live around you, be more considerate of that. You know the walls are thin and you’re being loud. That’s not right. Military barracks’ walls aren’t that thin and that in itself says something! She simply didn’t give a crap and shit the door in my face (this is also when I reported her for entire first time). Her boy toy didn’t like I confronted her and cussed me out again. Don’t care. I was tired and not going to listen to that.

Fast forward to tonight; she’s at it again with the loudness. Except this time, has company over. I understand that anyone after a long day would love to have their friends over and just relax. But come on... this late and that loud... again?! Nah. I went to her politely this time and just simply say d to please keep it done a bit. She wasn’t having it. Laughed at me face and cocked another attitude and went to slam the door in my face. Mistake #2 on her, #1 for me. I pushed it back open to yell at her. I had enough of this brat and wasn’t going to take it. My military life was all fuck-fuck games. I can dish them out just as easily to someone out here; especially if you’re going to be like a child. I lost my cool, and I know that was wrong.

So, one long add post later (I’m very sorry, I had to get it out 😓). Opinions, advice, chit chat about it? I’m open ears

So, good news. After multiple more counts do rowdiness, she is finally being legally bound to remover herself from this apartment complex. Thank the lord. After landlady got calls from another tenant, she realized that my neighbor was a bigger problem than she thought and is finally booting her out. However, she has told me that I’m not allowed to knock/ yell through the walls to tell her to hush nor confront her at her door if she continues to be loud since my neighbor has declared she’d call the police on me (I know. Major bull crap). That’s fine, I won’t. I’ll keep recording her and sending it to the land lady then call the police for noise complaint. 💁🏻‍♀️ don’t know why she thought I was playing about all this but reality hit her square in the face at 4 this morning. I’ll tell that bit if you guys want to hear it