My birth story!


Sorry for the length!:)

After 21 hours of labor I gave birth to this beautiful baby boy on August 5, 2018. My water broke right after I got off of the phone with my cousin, who was telling me she thinks I was going into labor. I didn’t believe it was waters at first, but when I went to the bathroom it kept coming! Not even 5 minutes go by and the contractions start, strong and 6 minutes apart. This worried me as my doctor had told me to go to the hospital when contractions are 5-6 mins and regular! My boyfriend, Mom and I all grabbed the baby and my hospital bags and off we went. After a torturous car ride I made it to the hospital for the doctor to tell me I was only 2 cm and 100% effaced😫. So I decided to take laps around the maternity floor, and once the contractions were unbearable I jumped into the jet bath. This was heaven!! I stayed in there for almost 2 hours and once I got out I was approximately 4 cm, and that’s when the contractions came back STRONG. They gave me meds to sleep, and I had for about 3 hours. When I woke up, 5 cm, I begged for an epidural, I was exhausted and just couldn’t take it any longer. They got the anesthesiologist, and 10 mins later it was absolute bliss. After a few hours I was checked and stuck at 6 cm. And in a ton of pain! I already had plenty of numbing, so they were confused as to why I was in so much pain. My mom forced me up on my hands and knees (I yelled because I was so numb I thought someone was holding me down!!!!! lol) and then the pain went away. We soon found out that my stubborn boy was face up and slightly sideways. After 30 mins on my hands and knees I went from 6-10 cm and ready to push!!! I pushed for only 15 minutes before I met the love of my life, and let me tell you, as soon as they place your baby on your chest, you immediately forget about all the pain you endured and become filled with a love you’ve never felt before!!! He was born at 8lbs 5oz and 21 inches long!

1 day old!:

And now, 7 weeks old!: