I'm in tears 😒

Jada β€’ spiritual asfβ–ͺπŸ‡­πŸ‡Ήβ–ͺ let your light shine.🌞

So love my Man so much and I'm so grateful for meeting him. Every single day, hour, minute I spend talking to him is so special even if he's far away. Even though things weren't working out and we went on a break, we still love eachother so much. He sent me this:

"I was wrong, I have to apologize because I'm deeply in love with you. I was wrong and it's all my fault. just keep loving me it keeps me going. I have dreams for us. I want this to work out.I want to meet you because i have a feeling your the woman for me but I could be wrong. I really want to do good so you really really really love me and think I deserve that love.❀❀❀pick up the phone baby"