I’ve felt so confident for the past few days, I busted out my new thong and wore it today . I rarely do so, and it felt so good. I’ve lost about 8 ish pounds, and I dreamed about getting laid*im a virgin with a serious problem about dreaming*, by one of the hottest guys in school. Now would he ever date me? No never, he’s so religious it’s unreal, to the point where he doesn’t talk much about anything other than school work for fear of being beaten by his parent(aka no cussing, anything to do with sex/drugs). We was in elementary school together and he slapped someone for something(can’t even remember why) and his dad beat the shit out of him in the teachers lounge. Rip. But my period is late by a good 5 months, I’m dreaming about getting laid, and I’ve been unusually confident. Any ideas why? *im a mess and that probably makes no sense I’m sorry😂* has