Help! Is it a bad sign to feel this way about our baby name...?


When we first found out we were having a girl we took a long car trip up to my parents, and on the way we “tentatively” agreed on the name Oakley. I wasn’t 100% sold but my husband loved it. I figured as time passed I’d feel good about it or we’d decide something else. Well time passed and we just kept calling her that and immediate family gave generally positive feedback about the name.

However, when people would ask us our name choice I started getting more and more uncomfortable sharing because I got such mixed reactions. Some people made it obvious they thought it was a boys name (which I NEVER wanted to do to my child), while I knew others were just thinking of the sunglasses brand.

I started just saying “oh we’re undecided” so I wouldn’t have to answer but then somehow people are still nosy and ask “well what are your options?” 😡

I said I was undecided so often I think I finally just believed myself and started going back to our other options.

I’m now a week away from my due date but STILL not 100% on a name! I’ve tried other ones, and my husband says he likes them, but he’s still committed to Oakley. Some days I still really like it and others I’m just insecure about it and hate that I feel uncomfortable when people ask.

Will this go away once she’s here and named or will I always feel awkward and uncomfortable when people ask her name? I know I shouldn’t care what other people think, but how do you not when you just want people to love your child and their name!!