7m old and loosing my mind at night!

Anja 🇩🇰 + 🇬🇧

Hello Ladies!

My son is 7 months old and moved into his own room and big boy cot just over a month ago.

Foolish me to think that ‘sleeping through the night’ actually meant sleeping ALL through the night! Apparently it only means ‘no feed during the night’ well it’s been ages since he has had a night feed but he is still waking up a lot during night time, and I’m loosing my mind over it.

A good night he only wakes up 3 times and needs his dummy. On a bad night we tend to him 15 times and it’s anything from a whimp to a full on cry. He is relatively good at self soothing so I try and wait a bit before tending to him.

Like last night he had a full blown crying session at 02.30 where NOTHING worked. Teething gel, teething crystals, tapping, gentle rocking, one side, back, the other side, picking him up and rocking him, water.

He has already got 2 teeth. My partner believe it could be stomach acid or wind, I’m thinking maybe a stomach ache.

We are at our wits end! Maybe it’s just normal for a 7 month old? What did you do to actually get some sleep at night??