Eloping/secret marriage.

For more reasons than one, me and my fiancé are secretly getting married in November on vacation with his uncle marrying us on a hike out west. We both don’t want a big wedding nor do we like to be the center of attention.

Not to mention we can’t afford a big wedding after buying our first house and expecting our second child in January. Back to back births in less than a year. My parents want a huge wedding but it’s not what I want so I am mainly keeping it from them until sometime down the road where we will have a small ceremony with family.

For people who have had a secret wedding/marriage, how difficult was it for you to hide the fact you were married? My biggest concern is when I give birth in January, if family members (mostly on my side) ask for me by my last name at the hospital because legally I’ll have my fiancé’s last name by then - what do I do?

Please no bashing from people who don’t understand why we have chosen to marry in secret. Thank you!