should i hu ??

just recently got out of a relationship with my boyfriend of almost a year. we loved each other but it was very toxic and i cried almost every night. i’m still a little hung up on him and we have a weird relationship because we still talk & are still friendly so it almost feels as though we’re gonna get back together. we broke up because it just wasn’t working out. we fought too much and we wanted different things i guess. he was literally my first everything so i’m scared to leave him but i know it’s for the better because i was so upset all the time. some part of me really just feels like i’m gonna get back with him. recently someone asked me to hu. he is very attractive so i want to say yes but i’m also hesitant because of my current situation with my ex (i still love him obviously). am i wrong to hu with this guy to try and get over my ex / have a good night ? it feels so wrong for me to talk to this guy even tho i’m not dating my boyfriend anymore