Sensitive pregnancy announcements


Hey everyone, I’m 11 weeks pregnant and excited for my 12 week scan and thinking about how to announce.

We have already told our very closest family in person, and a few friends. I have endometriosis and had surgery right before I got pregnant, so a few friends worked it out.

Whilst we weren’t actually trying very long, I have had lots of reproductive health issues and scares, and invasive surgeries and tests and spent a long time never thinking this would happen.

I feel so blessed and want to celebrate every moment, so an announcement feels like a good opportunity to do that. However, I remember the days of jealousy and crying, hating every announcement and pregnant woman I saw, and I want to be sensitive to those in my life who whilst being happy for me might find it difficult.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas? With people I know who are struggling or have I’m going to speak to them 121, but I know there are those who I won’t know about.