Fighting with SO


Today has been awful. We live with my parents and my so and I fought pretty much from the time he got home from work till 8pm. All because I told him that he needs to clean up after himself. I’m a stay at home mom so I guess that should be my job but I already clean up after our toddler and to clean up shit that he could do just makes me irritated. He told me i make him clean up after himself so I can sit on my ass and do nothing. Maybe I’m asking too much idk. It’s just little stuff too. Like put your dishes in the sink and put your dirty clothes in the hamper not next to them. On top of that my mom heard us arguing and decided she needed to give me a lecture like it would make it any better. Maybe it’s just because I’m about to start my period but I am so moody. My cycle randomly changed so, usually I start on the 13th but I hadn’t stared so I checked the app and it says the 20th. Weird. Anyway. Thanks for letting me vent.