Pregnancy Assistance


Hello ladies! I'm searching for advice from any moms-to-be, mothers, mother to a miscarry, etc.

My boyfriend of nearly two years now has a friend who is considered to be a very good friend - he just doesn't see him often due to his location.

What makes him such a good friend is that (let's call him A) A stuck by him around the house, watching movies and simply hanging out when my boyfriend was going through a difficult injury. Because nearly nobody wanted to "just chill", but A did.

A has a wife (she will be B) that I wasn't too fond of at first, due to my own stupid insecurities (I'm such a judgemental person for literally no reason.....and I hate it - I'm trying to heal internally currently so please don't give me shit about it).

They've been married for a long while (I wanna say at least 5 years), but my boyfriend has been friends with them for more nearly 20 years now!

Before this week, I'd only actually hung out with them once. At their house party far away, which I had a good time - just didn't trust his wife (once again, for no reason. It's stupid - I'm stupid).

Thought recently, they moved two hours closer and are only a 20-30 minute drive now (they live so close to my old home, so it never feels that long) so we went to visit them the other day.

Well I found out they're pregnant! It's still really early so not many know due to the miscarriage they had 6 months ago.

I don't know what happened but it was just so easy to talk to her that night. Our men were in the kitchen cooking and we were in the living room talking the whole time!

So now to my question...... LOL

How can I help her? We aren't necessarily "friends" but I just want to help her. She said her mom comes to clean for her so she doesn't have to inhale the fumes. But maybe I could go over once a week and do the cleaning her mom can't necessarily get to (as I said, they're 30, so I assume things like vacuuming the stairs, dusting high cupboards, etc. might be difficult for her)?

What are some things that you really wish you had help with during your pregnancy?

Also, she's having morning sickness majorly, so what are some good remedies for that?

We plan on taking her out to a nice pizza place for the weekend of Halloween (that would make her 10 weeks, which is when she lost the baby last time). She said she's really been craving pizza.

Or am I stepping the line since I'm not necessarily their friend, just their friend's girlfriend?