Am i wrong?

So a month ago I made plans with my two friends for them to come up and stay with me. Its an hour drive to get them and an hour drive back so thats two hours. I planned to drive down to get them on friday and take them home saturday so they could get to church on sunday, (driving down there on a saturday was EXTREMELY out of the way but I was willing to do it.) The day we made the plans, my friend called off work and the other said she was good to come stay. I was super excited, I never go out and do fun things. We were going to go to the mall, I was going to get lots of snacks so we could watch movies, etc. 6 days before my friend texted me to tell me that her work scheduled her regardless of her calling off. Then, the same night my other friend texted me cancelling on me because she forgot she signed up for an extracurricular event that took place saturday. I was really bummed that they both ditched out on me. My friend actually did work friday night, but then saturday night she posted a bunch of snapchats of her and her boyfriend going out to dinner together. Then, out of the blue, she snapchatted me personally a photo of him at that dinner that said “isnt he cute😍😍” and I just felt as if she was rubbing it in my face that she ditched me? Maybe I took it wrong but it has me feeling a type of way. I had a gut feeling she was ditching me for her boyfriend. Also, if i got put on schedule and had plans with my friends i wouldve called off for a second time. She gave them weeks notice so i dont understand why they would schedule her. On a side note, a few days before this I listened to her go on and on about her boyfriend for an hour and a half. When her conversation came to a close I finally texted her a little paragraph about my boyfriend, and she left it on read😑She’s always been such a selfish friend but I just deal with it. I’m always there for her and she only texts me when its about her. Also, I texted them both to see how their days went even though they both ditched me and they both ignored my texts. So basically my question is am I wrong for having bad feelings about this situation? Also am I wrong for feeling like I dont want to be friends with the girl who sent me the picture of her boyfriend?