Teenager issues and 36 weeks.....


I'm at breaking point and need advice! I have a nearly 15 year old son who is making our lives hell! I am 36 and a half weeks pregnant and am absolutely run down. I've been having braxton hicks for days, baby is so low we can't feel it's head and I've lost more mucus plug today. I have an induction booked for the 12th if I make it that far!

My teenager is vile, I'm at the point where I can't be near him now as he's making me ill. I've spent all afternoon dealing with his bad behaviour and rudeness. Has anyone any suggestions? He's not acting up due to baby, he's a selfish tosser who only thinks of himself. He's also possibly got aspergers syndrome but is highly intelligent, but we still have no diagnosis.

I'm almost at the point of walking out. What do I do please?