Work idk where to put this

So I work night shift. The other girl quit. They hired a new girl.. only there for 2 weeks maybe. She needs off on Thanksgiving-11/22 cause her sister is getting married.. when my boss hired her on my boss asked if I could work or trade I told her no I will be out of town.

I had plans for about 2 months to go see my brother sister in law an niece.. they live 4 hours away an I see them maybe once a year. The new girl asked the other day if I could even work 11/21 instead..dont know why when the supposed wedding is the 22nd. I told her no i'm going out of town 4 hours away. This was tuesday morning this week that she asked.. She asked me AGAIN if I could an how she is picking up tomorrow for me bla bla bla.. I wanna scream in her face that I will be 4 hours away an I told her multiple times that I can't..

Should I say fuck my plans and work or should I go with my plans

I've been there 3 years already. 3 year anniversary was July 31st. Last year the vacation I accumulated I took it all for once. Year before only half cause nobody would fill in.. nobody likes nights. I work when i'm sick cause like I said. Nobody will work 3rd.. oh and I missed work this year also cause my mom was in the hospital. Otherwise like I said I always am there then I need to be.. and it don't make sense of why if the wedding is the 22nd why should would need the 21st off.