How to deactivate a fake facebook account?

When I was younger i was not allowed to have a facebook account, my parents were very strict, so i made this fake account, with a fake name and fake email, i had fake photos and now it has been years since and i do not remember the account username, or the password or the email password or anything. I have all new accounts with the real me now. As i look at the stuff i had posted it was super embarracing. I actually met my husband through facebook and i friended him on that account, he had no idea it was me and still doesnt but i somehow got him to ask the real me out pretending i was a “friend” ... I know so awkward and so strange. The worst part is the bio, it sounds exactly like me and idk why i would be so stupid to do this. I want the account deleted. Its fake, i have no way to access it and its not been accessed in probably 9 years, but it always shows up because i have a lot of friends that i had friended on that account, idk why, i guess i was just a nosy kid who wanted to be like all her friends. Please dont judge me. I know it was wrong. I just dont want anyone to look more into it one day especially my husband bc the bio sounds so much like me who knows what he would think and no i do not want to just tell him. Another reason i dont want to just tell him is because, to make the account look more “real” i got this desparate guy to think i was in a relationship with him... super embarracing. I do not want my husband to find this out, he would be so mad and it would cause so many fights.

If anyone knows how to delete the account please let me know, it would help me so much. I cant really report as impersonating me or anything bc it doesnt have my name or any of my information.

Maybe someone knows how to hack facebook and could hack into and delete??