My crazy birth story 🤯


I’m finally ready to share my crazy birth story! I was 40 weeks along and my obgyn decided that the best thing for me and my baby was to induce - my placenta was calcifying and my baby was getting too big.

So on Friday, 21st Sept we checked into the hospital at 10am to get induced. A few hours after getting induced I started getting contractions, they were not very strong or close together at first, then they started getting more regular. At 4pm I was still at 1cm dilated with no progress. I was then given pitocin to get my contractions going, they came on strong and was really regular. The pain level was manageable for me so I did not ask for any pain relief. They checked me again at 8pm and I was still at 1cm 🤦🏻‍♀️.

My doctor asked if I would like an epidural, I told her not yet. And at about 9pm she broke my waters as a last resort to get things moving along. My contractions became stronger but it was still manageable, however, my doctor advised me to get an epidural if I’d like one before giving birth so I agreed. Got my epidural and at 12 midnight I was at 2cm.

After 12 hours of nonstop contractions, my doctor told me that the best solution is to get a c-section as I was not progressing as they hoped. I cried my eyes out as I really wanted a natural birth, my husband consoled me saying that in half an hour we can see our baby girl. I finally agreed to the c -section albeit reluctantly. 😕

I got wheeled to the operating theater, I was shaking as I was not mentally prepared for a c-section. The anesthesiologist amped up my dose of epidural, or maybe it’s something stronger 🤷🏻‍♀️. My husband wasn’t allowed in the room with me, he had to stand at the entrance where there was a viewing window.

It felt like forever that I was laying there, it was such a weird sensation - I felt everything but there was no pain. They finally started opening me up. After a few minutes of trying to take my baby out, my doctor started shouting in Spanish (we live in Spain) “Help me!! Help me!! I can’t take her out I can’t! Someone help!”

I felt so helpless at that moment and everything was a blur. I was so scared we were both going to die. At that moment four of them started pushing my belly really hard and the two doctors were trying to pull her out with a suction thing. I was freaking out asking the anesthesiologist if everything was ok and if my baby was alive. It felt like forever and they finally took my baby out! I kept asking over and over if she’s alive. I finally heard her cry at the top of her lungs. The pediatrician checked her and gave her to my husband while they closed me up.

I finally got to see her, my beautiful rainbow baby girl. She was everything I imagined.

After removing my placenta, they saw a full knot on my umbilical cord close to my placenta. My doctor said that it was a good call doing a c-section because the knot would have cut off her blood supply in a natural birth. I guess all things happen for a reason. I am blessed with my little family.